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TOM TAILOR Denim New York Mall Trousers Houston Mall Paperbag Women's

TOM TAILOR Denim Women's Paperbag Trousers


TOM TAILOR Denim Women's Paperbag Trousers


Product description

Tom Tailor denim.

The Young-Fashion brand of the roof brand Tom Tailor was glowed in 2007. With its trendy and fashionable collections, the brand serves young adults. Cool, lamp;gorgeous, comfortable looks and authentic styles are at the forefront of the brand. Trends are implemented quickly and in a targeted manner without sacrificing the high quality of the products.

Regularly new styles that inspire. From t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts to jackets, blouses or shirts to trousers and jeans. At Tom Tailor denim, everyone will find their favourite piece. Countless different looks that combine basics and fashionable trend topics.

Discover the unconventional looks of Tom Tailor denim!

TOM TAILOR Denim Women's Paperbag Trousers

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