$16 Rubber Grommet kit, 50pcs Blanking Blind Rubber Wiring Grommets Hardware Nails, Screws Fasteners Grommets Grommets,/kataphoretic219763.html,Rubber,Hardware , Nails, Screws Fasteners , Grommets,50pcs,kit,,Wiring,Rubber,Blind,krutubechannel.com,Grommet,Blanking,$16 Superlatite Rubber Grommet kit 50pcs Blanking Wiring Blind Grommets Grommets,/kataphoretic219763.html,Rubber,Hardware , Nails, Screws Fasteners , Grommets,50pcs,kit,,Wiring,Rubber,Blind,krutubechannel.com,Grommet,Blanking,$16 Superlatite Rubber Grommet kit 50pcs Blanking Wiring Blind Grommets $16 Rubber Grommet kit, 50pcs Blanking Blind Rubber Wiring Grommets Hardware Nails, Screws Fasteners Grommets

Superlatite Rubber Grommet kit 50pcs Blanking Wiring Blind Grommets Complete Free Shipping

Rubber Grommet kit, 50pcs Blanking Blind Rubber Wiring Grommets


Rubber Grommet kit, 50pcs Blanking Blind Rubber Wiring Grommets


Product description

Size name:18mm  |  Colour Name:50pcs

Material: Rubber
Panel Hole Size : Φ14mmΦ16mm Φ18mm Φ20mm Φ22mm Φ25mm Φ30mm Φ32mm Φ35mm Φ40mm Φ45mm Φ50mm Φ60mm Φ70mm Φ80mm Φ90mm Φ100mm Φ110mm Φ120mmΦ150mm

Manual measurement of data, subject to actual conditions.
Due to the light and screen difference, the item's colour may be slightly different from the pictures!Package included:According to your choice

Rubber Grommet kit, 50pcs Blanking Blind Rubber Wiring Grommets

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