$113 Triscan 8530 16243 Wheel Bearing Kit Car Parts Drive Transmission Bearings Bearing Kits $113 Triscan 8530 16243 Wheel Bearing Kit Car Parts Drive Transmission Bearings Bearing Kits All items free shipping Triscan 8530 16243 Bearing Wheel Kit All items free shipping Triscan 8530 16243 Bearing Wheel Kit Bearing,Kit,16243,Wheel,8530,Car Parts , Drive Transmission , Bearings Bearing Kits,/kataphoretic226663.html,Triscan,$113,krutubechannel.com Bearing,Kit,16243,Wheel,8530,Car Parts , Drive Transmission , Bearings Bearing Kits,/kataphoretic226663.html,Triscan,$113,krutubechannel.com

All items free shipping Triscan 8530 16243 Bearing Wheel Kit quality assurance

Triscan 8530 16243 Wheel Bearing Kit


Triscan 8530 16243 Wheel Bearing Kit


Product description

Product Description

This part fits the following models:

  • Ford Transit Connect 1.8 TDCi (2002 - ) 66kW
  • Ford Transit Connect 1.8 Di (2002 - ) 55kW
  • Ford Transit Connect 1.8 TDCi (2002 - ) 81kW
  • Ford Transit Connect 1.8 16V (2002 - ) 85kW
  • Ford Tourneo Connect 1.8 TDCi (2002 - 2013) 81kW
  • Ford Tourneo Connect 1.8 Turbo Di (2002 - 2013) 66kW
  • Ford Tourneo Connect 1.8 Di (2002 - 2013) 55kW
  • Ford Transit Connect 1.8 16V LPG (2002 - ) 85kW
  • Ford Tourneo Connect 1.8 16V (2002 - 2013) 85kW
This list is a sample of all the compatible cars for this part.
Make sure this product fits your car by using the part finder above.

Equivalent Part Numbers:

FORD 7T162C299BA; FORD 2T142C299DE; FORD 2T142C299DA; FORD 7T162C299AA; FORD 4494879; FORD 1334291; FORD 4367052; FORD 2T142C299CB; FORD 4494880; FORD 2T142C299CE; FORD 2T142C299DC; FORD 4367053; FORD 7T162C299AB; FORD 1458702; FORD 2T142C299CD; FORD 7T162C299BB; FORD 1469186; FORD 2T142C299CC; FORD 1469189; FORD 1462160; FORD 1458701; FORD 1362870; FORD 2T142C299CA; FORD 2T142C299DD; FORD 1334289; FORD 1362872; FORD 2T142C299DB; FORD 1462162; METZGER WM 6522; FIRST LINE FBK952; SKF VKBA6522; SKF VKBA 6522; FAG 713678890; KAGER 83-0935; TRISCAN 72-10181; TRISCAN 78/89; TRISCAN VKBA 6522; TRISCAN 32853016243; TRISCAN 32VKBA6522; TRISCAN R900.68; TRISCAN 1202-1151; OPTIMAL 302577; OPTIMAL 302579; NK 762545; NK 762546; NK 762537; NK 762538; QUINTON HAZELL QWB1306; QUINTON HAZELL QWB1305; FEBI BILSTEIN 31686; SNR R900.68; FLENNOR FR391468; VAICO V25-0472; VAICO V25-0473; SPIDAN 27362; SPIDAN 27068

System Requirements

Braking / Drive Dynamics: for vehicles with ABS

Triscan 8530 16243 Wheel Bearing Kit

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