$128 Stair Pads Carpets Self-adhesive Stair Carpet Simple Mats Stairc Home Accessories Rugs, Pads Protectors Stair Pads Stair,krutubechannel.com,Stairc,Home Accessories , Rugs, Pads Protectors , Stair Pads,Pads,Carpet,Simple,/kataphoretic344863.html,$128,Self-adhesive,Carpets,Stair,Mats $128 Stair Pads Carpets Self-adhesive Stair Carpet Simple Mats Stairc Home Accessories Rugs, Pads Protectors Stair Pads Stair,krutubechannel.com,Stairc,Home Accessories , Rugs, Pads Protectors , Stair Pads,Pads,Carpet,Simple,/kataphoretic344863.html,$128,Self-adhesive,Carpets,Stair,Mats Stair Pads supreme Carpets Self-adhesive Simple Carpet Stairc Mats Stair Pads supreme Carpets Self-adhesive Simple Carpet Stairc Mats

Stair Pads supreme Carpets Self-adhesive Simple Carpet Max 42% OFF Stairc Mats

Stair Pads Carpets Self-adhesive Stair Carpet Simple Mats Stairc


Stair Pads Carpets Self-adhesive Stair Carpet Simple Mats Stairc


Product description

Size:5pcs  |  Colour:Gray(100x30x3cm)

Brand: Run-anmy
The stair pad is made of premium polyester and back is made of rubber with adhesive tape; this stair treads mat feels silent, soft and comfortable. Rubber backing has strong silp resistance to effectively prevent falling down. The nice-looking pattern may also a good decor for your cosy home.

Name : stair tread mat
Shape: square
Material : polyester
Use Description : to prevent stairs from being damaged and make your stair warm in winter
Features : anti-slip, easy to clean with vacuum cleaner, eco-friendly material, colorful
Size : 65x26cm,75x26cm, 85x30cm, 100x30cm, 120x30cm
Suitable Stairs : ceramic tile, wood, cement, and steel and so on
Suitable Style : Japanese style, nordic style, American style, modern style and English style
Package: 1pc / 5pcs / 10pcs/15pcs

Can be repeatedly disassembled and used.
--Size description: manual measurement, there may be 1-2cm error depending on the actual size
--Photo description: Please note that this product is photographed in real life due to light, angle, display, etc. and there may be some color differences

Stair Pads Carpets Self-adhesive Stair Carpet Simple Mats Stairc

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