Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Mini Wooden Handmade New item Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Mini Wooden Handmade New item $172 Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Mini Dolls Accessories Dollhouses Dollhouse,$172,Handmade,Dolls Accessories , Dollhouses,Furniture,Wooden,Mini,DIY,,Miniature,Dollhouse,/kataphoretic419863.html Dollhouse,$172,Handmade,Dolls Accessories , Dollhouses,Furniture,Wooden,Mini,DIY,,Miniature,Dollhouse,/kataphoretic419863.html $172 Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Mini Dolls Accessories Dollhouses

Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Mini Wooden Handmade Ranking TOP19 New item

Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Mini


Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Mini


Product description

Size:25.5*34*29CM  |  Colour:Multi-colored

Be Patience and Feel Amazing,To build it, patience is the ultimate key to success,It can be assembled with family, friends and lovers to experience the pleasure of hands-on.A sense of accomplishment will come when it is finished.
All the Furniture and Accessories Shown in the Picture could be Built with your Hands. It will make a lot of Fun to Put the Pieces Together and Put them Beside the Real Furniture.

A really great challenge for you to build and of course a unique gift for the people who love building things or have creative minds.

Buy it as a family project and build it together. You will have a good vacation time.You will enjoy the building process and have a sense of accomplishment once completed.You can also put your lovey dolls in and of course, decorate the furniture and accessories as you like.

Package Include:
DIY house kit(include all the furniture and accessories in pictures).

Furniture DIY Miniature Dollhouse Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Mini

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