$19 Slippers Men Shower Slippers, Bathroom Slippers For Mens Women O Shoes Men's Shoes Slippers Minneapolis Mall Slippers Men Shower Bathroom Mens Women For O Men,Slippers,,Mens,Bathroom,/kataphoretic504763.html,Shower,Slippers,$19,For,Shoes , Men's Shoes , Slippers,Slippers,krutubechannel.com,O,Women Minneapolis Mall Slippers Men Shower Bathroom Mens Women For O $19 Slippers Men Shower Slippers, Bathroom Slippers For Mens Women O Shoes Men's Shoes Slippers Men,Slippers,,Mens,Bathroom,/kataphoretic504763.html,Shower,Slippers,$19,For,Shoes , Men's Shoes , Slippers,Slippers,krutubechannel.com,O,Women

Minneapolis Mall Slippers Men Time sale Shower Bathroom Mens Women For O

Slippers Men Shower Slippers, Bathroom Slippers For Mens Women O


Slippers Men Shower Slippers, Bathroom Slippers For Mens Women O


Product description

Sandals and slippers for men and women super soft light bathroom home large size indoor thick bottom silent bathroom

Product Name: slippers
Material: EVA
Color: Light pink, yellow, orange, dark green, leather pink, light blue, red, black, dark blue, light gray
Applicable venue: home slippers Bath massage soft bottom slippers
Style: simple
shoe size: EUR 35-36, EUR 37-38, EUR 39-40, EUR 41-42, EUR 43-44

▶Note: The following data is obtained by manual measurement . There may be some errors 1-2cm . If you have fat feet, high insteps, or a loose fit, it is recommended that you take a big size, Please rest assured to buy

▶ Package includes:
1× slippers

1.During shooting, the actual color of the image may differ slightly from the product due to factors such as light, camera, display settings, and so on. View the actual color.
2.It is recommended that buyers with too wide soles and higher insteps choose a larger size
3.Note: The measurement data is manual measurement, for reference only. If there is a difference of t±1cm between the actual and the measured, it is within the range of the industry standard, please be aware of this.

Slippers Men Shower Slippers, Bathroom Slippers For Mens Women O

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