$40 Irresistible Irises Pure Silk Scarf ~ Handmade in Suffolk Clothing, Shoes Accessories Women Accessories $40 Irresistible Irises Pure Silk Scarf ~ Handmade in Suffolk Clothing, Shoes Accessories Women Accessories Silk,/kataphoretic833563.html,$40,krutubechannel.com,Irresistible,Clothing, Shoes Accessories , Women , Accessories,Handmade,Scarf,Irises,in,Suffolk,Pure,~ Irresistible Irises Dealing full price reduction Pure Silk Scarf ~ Suffolk in Handmade Irresistible Irises Dealing full price reduction Pure Silk Scarf ~ Suffolk in Handmade Silk,/kataphoretic833563.html,$40,krutubechannel.com,Irresistible,Clothing, Shoes Accessories , Women , Accessories,Handmade,Scarf,Irises,in,Suffolk,Pure,~

Irresistible Irises Dealing full price reduction Pure Silk Scarf Los Angeles Mall ~ Suffolk in Handmade

Irresistible Irises Pure Silk Scarf ~ Handmade in Suffolk


Irresistible Irises Pure Silk Scarf ~ Handmade in Suffolk


Product description

Exquisitely Painted With Love in Suffolk ~ Gorgeous 100% Pure Silk ~ 45cm x 180cm ~ Professionally created ~ Hand-rolled delicate hems ~ Truly Unique, One of a Kind ~ Inspired by nature ~ Hand-made In Suffolk, UK ~ Inspiration was from the tall and beautiful group of Irises in the garden.

Legal Disclaimer

The photographs are of the actual scarf that you will receive as they are all made individually. Please keep in mind that colours may vary from one computer to the next. This is a hand painted item, and it is subject to the whims of the dyes! Little quirks in the hand making process can happen, and will only enhance the uniquness of your piece. Hand painted silk must be gently hand washed in cold water and ironed damp on a cool silk setting on your iron. Thank you for supporting small British designer/makers.

Irresistible Irises Pure Silk Scarf ~ Handmade in Suffolk

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